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Originally MyTunes was developed to work with iTunes version 4.1 to 4.7, but no further releases were put out to match the seemingly never ending iTunes revisions. Thankfully, despite its lack of updates, this unique tool is still kicking strong with the latest version of iTunes. Softonic has dug up some interesting information that illustrates just how fragile and unforgiving the software development process can sometimes be.

Quite some time back, MyTunes suffered one of those cruel twists of fate that rear their head from time to time, effectively bringing development on this popular utility to an abrupt halt, CNET reports"the popular software has all but vanished from the Net, and its programmer's sites have gone dark. But this time, it's not the doing of an angry record industry or a conflict-averse Apple. Trinity College sophomore Bill Zeller, who wrote the program in less than two weeks of off-time coding last year, says he simply lost the source code in a catastrophic computer crash." Zeller said: "I was about to release the second version, when I lost everything. I may put it back online, but there won't be any updates. I don't want to rewrite it."

myTunes Redux is a program that allows you to download music made available by iTunes. It allows you to search everything on the network at once, live, and works with all versions of iTunes.

This great iTunes accessory does it all: downloads cover art for your tracks, shows what’s playing in the menu bar and cover art in a pop-up, controls iTunes with keyboard shortcuts, searches for lyrics and CD information, and shares your playlists.

Listen to music and missing cover art just appears. It shows track information in the menu-bar and in your AIM profile, and features a pop-up showing the next song. One of its nicest features is hot-key control. Press a customizable keyboard shortcut that works in any application to perform all the iTunes functions. Select a track and myTunes will find the lyrics or CD information you want. You can also share playlists with friends.

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MyTunes Redux 1.0 for PC

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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    doesn't do anything.
    i got on this so that i could get me music onto my pc, and it doesn't do anything at all and has no directioMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Red X on some shares that iTunes can open an play.
    Some shares appear with a Red X. It cannot load the songs in these shares.HoweMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Malware, Spyware and Adware Free!.
    With MyTunes Redux 1.0 you can safely download available iTunes. This version is compatible wMore

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